A little history and some example projects.

Philipp Hentschel, Photo by  Tobias Kremkau

Philipp Hentschel, Photo by Tobias Kremkau

History & Experience

I started my first (real) business in the age of 18. In the past 15+ years i worked with many inspiring people & companies - always in networks and never employed. 

Around 2000 i started as full-stack-developer - throughout the years my technology knowledge faded away but i gained skills in people & project management, strategic corporate development and consultancy. On the go i founded a coworking space and since the rise of digitalization i got into the topic of remote work.


How could i help you.

Iā€™m happy to chat about Technology, decentraliced teams, the future of Freelancing, Coworking and Development of rural areas. You can also hire me (and the welance team) to bring your digital projects to life. From time to time i enjoy talking at conferences and share my knowledge in blogposts, podcasts and meetups.


Some companies i work(ed) with.

Brands & Corporates

Social & Culture

Berlin & Creative